The New Era of Collection

Unikura is the NFT marketplace that allows people to buy and sell physical collectibles.

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Earn through
your collectibles

List your collectibles with Unikura and earn royalties everytime your collection is resold.

  • Earn ongoing royalty from resold items.

  • No shipping and storage fees.

  • Effortless global sales.


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We maintain the security of your collections in our vault. To have the physical asset in hand and claim total ownership, redeem your NFT. Our global shipping ensures delivery anywhere in the world.

Secure & Reliable Protocol

Our insured and secure vault is the cornerstone of reliable transactions.

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Unikura's collections are safeguarded in a top-tier warehouse in Japan, dedicated to the preservation of world-class collectibles.

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The Team

We deliver protocols that people can be connected by their "love" beyond borders from Singapore and Japan.

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"Dice" Daisaku Harada


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From left to right:
Anna · Lead engineer, Sakura · Business development, Akihiro · Product manager, Shimin · Product designer, Asuma · Engineer, "Dice" Daisaku Harada · CEO

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Own a Piece of History

Explore our curated phygital collectibles around the world.

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