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Leveraging blockchain technology and a top-tier warehouse, Unikura enables collectors to manage their assets with genuine digital ownership.

What you can do with your Unikura token

By tokenizing real-world assets, you can enjoy much more benefits than shopping for the actual item.
Proof of sole ownership
Redemption rights
Trading rights
Lending rights
Viewing rights
Community access
Events access

How It Works

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1. Order

Place an order for a collectible.
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2. Tokenize

Once we authenticate your order, you will receive a token in your vault.
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3. Control

As the sole owner, you can choose what you would like to do with your token. You can trade, lend or redeem it for the actual item.

Tokenize any asset from Japan

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Unlock the allure of Japan by seamlessly tokenizing its assets—whether it's a piece of cultural artefact or an original product by a Japanese artist.

Authenticity verification

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We employ hands-on methods to ensure that every item is genuine, offering you an assurance of quality and peace of mind with a refund policy.

High security storage

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Our vault in Tokyo has strict surveillance systems and fortified infrastructure, to ensure the utmost protection and sanctuary for your prized possessions.

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